Saito Seiki is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing machining equipment including silicon processors, glass processors, and other precision equipment.



“High-Performance semiconductor processing equipment compatible with new materials and compounds”


1. Our high-performance semiconductor processing equipment (such as external cylindrical grinding machines and cutting machines) are equipped with a robot arm which can withstand a load of more than 600kg (tested in-house). Therefore, even heavy workpieces can be processed.

2. A cutting machine cuts workpieces into 1 mm thickness. For its processing accuracy, a tolerance of 5/100 mm in units of 1/100 mm is confirmed based on in-house testing.

3. The machine can process not only silicon ingots that can be generally processed but also compounds and new materials such as lithium tantalate, lithium niobate, and SiC.



As a safety measure, a hazard alarm is equipped on the machine. First, the system grasps a position deviation of a workpiece due to human error, and the distance between the workpiece and each part of the equipment. In case of abnormality, the alarm activates immediately.



The machine automatically completes processing after positioning a workpiece, eliminating the need for human intervention.

Detailed settings for customer applications such as the amount of water, processing thickness of the workpiece, and air pressure can be easily set using a touchscreen control panel.

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