Saito Seiki is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing machining equipment including silicon processors, glass processors, and other precision equipment.



We post on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!!

We post our activities on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!
We post various items of information such as work, company events, and benefits.
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Instagram: saito_seiki1939
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Items posted on SNS
Human Resource Development and Education System
We are committed to human resource development and education systems.
Here, we introduce some of our seminars that you can participate in on our website or at the venue!
This seminar is about business skills.
“Business Skills”
Logical thinking beginner’s course
In this course, we provide an overview of logical thinking and present methods such as the “MECE Principle” and the “Issue Tree.”
These methods will help organize and develop your thoughts.
Phone call handling training
In this course, you will learn how to speak professionally at an appropriate tempo and with appropriate intonation to increase customer satisfaction.
You will also understand more about honorific language and expand your vocabulary.
Basic business etiquette
In this course, you will learn that etiquette is an important communication skill.
You will learn how to exchange business cards, exchange greetings, and speak professionally.
Learning the basics will give you confidence and help you in your work.
We will continue to recognize the importance of these learning opportunities.

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